Birmingham Wedding Venues 2022 – What makes IXL the best for your occasion?

Sure, you’ll come across plenty of wedding venues in Birmingham, but when you only want the best, you’ll have to take certain factors into consideration. You’ll be looking at budget, space, location, facilities, amenities, and many other things and have to make compromises too. 

When looking for the best wedding venue in Birmingham, the IXL Events Centre is the perfect option. They offer you an enormous variety of facilities and amenities so you can enjoy a memorable occasion. 

Here are a few reasons IXL Events Centre is you’re the ideal venue for your special day: 

The Ultimate Wedding Venue

IXL is the one place where you can celebrate just about any special occasion. They offer a wide range of courtrooms, lounges, bars, and meeting booths. You can host small and large gatherings all under one roof. 

With such a wide variety of rooms, you can plan a wedding that hosts up to 1000 people at IXL. Similarly, when planning a wedding, you won’t have to cut down on the guest list because of limited space. So, you can invite as many guests to your wedding as you want. After all, weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event that makes you want to invite all your loved ones. 


The IXL services offer two main caterers that provide world-class cuisine featuring a variety of tastes from across the world. They offer: 

Polo Prestige

They have a skilled team of in-house professional chefs who aim to provide your guests with an exquisite culinary experience. They excel in preparing a variety of international dishes. 

Sanjay Foods

Sanjay Foods specializes in South Asian cuisine and excels at providing delicious flavours for Indian weddings. So if you’re hosting a big fat Indian wedding, you know who to call so your guests can get a taste of home. 



Speaking of location, IXL has the best location in Birmingham. Since it’s just 10 minutes away from the MH4, guests staying in London can reach IXL in less than an hour if they take the train. If they’re flying in from somewhere else, IXL is just a 50-minute drive away from the Birmingham Airport. 

Your guests and friends won’t have to take an hours-long commute to get back home, which is one of the best things about this location. After all, a wedding venue should be anything but far from your home or the airport. Based within the city and close to train stations and airports means that your guests can reach easily, allowing them to enjoy the celebrations in full swing.

Conception into Reality

Turning your wedding concept into reality is a major task. Helping wedding planners understand what you want for the event is a major deal. Once they understand the concept you’re aiming for, they can make it a reality. 

IXL services have successfully executed countless wedding functions, corporate events, and global events. Their experience and knowledge help them best satisfy their customers. After a single meeting, they’ll understand where you’re coming from and what you want for the event. You don’t have to worry about holding several meetings to discuss the idea of your wedding.

Additionally, you only have to communicate certain basic aspects of the theme. Then, let them take care of the rest as they add the finer details. IXL is the best in their business, and this is why. 

Pre-Wedding Parties

Pre-wedding parties are becoming a norm these days. This is especially if you’re planning an Asian wedding, with numerous traditional and cultural events besides the reception. Even if you’re not hosting an Asian wedding, a pre-wedding party is still an essential part of many weddings. They allow families and relatives of both sides to know more about each other and have some fun before the actual event. 

The IXL can arrange an extravagant pre-wedding party, so you won’t have to worry about anything. You’ll get a pre-wedding party featuring glitz, glamour, and all sorts of live entertainment, complete with personalized décor.  

Wedding Shenanigans

It’s not a wedding without some shenanigans. That’s because a wedding in the UK is all about some live entertainment. Good thing that the IXL can offer just about any kind of shenanigans. 

You name it; they have it. From toastmasters to fire eaters and dancers to musicians, you can add a spark to your wedding functions. At this venue, you don’t have to worry about arranging entertainment on your own. 


There’s nothing better than wedding planners helping you host an event that screams ‘you.’ Once you speak to an IXL representative about your event theme and preferences, you can enjoy personalized entertainment and décor to make your event all the more special. 

Personalization makes you and your guests feel valued. The venue has previously added décor and dance floors with details that include the family’s surname to make them feel special. That’s certainly a gesture you can’t expect from any other wedding planner, and it allows you to go beyond cookie-cutter ideas. This is one of the many reasons IXL stands out from other wedding venues in Birmingham. 

Virtual Wedding Tours

If you’re unsure about something and don’t feel comfortable meeting the wedding planners at IXL in person, you can get a virtual wedding tour to see what facilities they have to offer. With a virtual wedding tour, you’ll best understand what luxuries they offer for wedding receptions and events.  

Taking a virtual wedding tour before meeting wedding planners is a great idea to look at the space. This allows you to learn about the available amenities and facilities before investing your time. It also saves energy and helps you make an accurate decision by looking at previously-held events yourself. 

Safety Measures 

As the pandemic still hasn’t ended and the world is facing ongoing health issues due to Covid-19, the IXL provides all the necessary safety measures required for a safe gathering. They maintain a 1 and 2-meter distance between all seat arrangements in all the rooms and halls. 

Additionally, the staff takes necessary precautions for proper sanitization, masking, and social distancing. This wedding service abides by all the safety guidelines issued by The UK Tourism Industry Standard and the Government of the UK. This gives one more reason to select the IXL as your wedding venue in Birmingham because not all wedding venues follow such strict health and safety measures. 

The last thing a couple is expecting is to plan a wedding at a venue that doesn’t take care of proper cleaning protocols. This can increase the risk of guests contracting infections. Besides ruining your chances of enjoying post-wedding festivities and get-togethers, such a predicament can lead to serious negative effects on your health. 

Value of Time and Money

Today, the world is more fast-paced and expensive than ever. Even so, few companies understand the value of customers’ time and money. Here at IXL, you can choose from numerous options based on space, catering, and wedding packages. You can meet with representatives and sign up for a package according to your budget. 

Also, the IXL staff is highly professional, so you get capable and efficient services at every step of the way, saving your time and energy. Their staff is a firm believer in saving your time, your time, and your money, so you don’t have to worry about investing your precious resources without getting your desired results. 

Enjoying a well-planned wedding at an adjustable budget and that too within the desired and specific timeframe is only possible with IXL wedding services. 

Bottom Line 

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life, so it’s no secret that you wouldn’t want to miss out on a single detail to host a grand and memorable affair. Hosting your special day at the IXL gives you peace of mind that everything will go according to plan. 

Booking this wedding service means enjoying your special day to the fullest without worrying about last-minute changes. So why not take a virtual wedding tour or plan a meeting with the IXL wedding planners today and turn your dream wedding turn into reality. 

If you want a virtual wedding tour or more details, visit the IXL Events Centre‘s website. Or, you can book a venue tour for a personalized experience. 


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